Why should I support the SWCA?

Producer organizations, lenders, community organizations and agribusinesses that support producers and main street businesses which are supported by producers should all support the SWCA because the organization is working on issues that have a direct impact on their bottom line. Good agricultural policy boosts the economic engine of the area, which in turn supports all segments including the tax base for the economy. Moreover, the SWCA provides a forum for networking and sharing ideas, as well as a strong avenue for increasing understanding and knowledge of rural issues. By supporting the SWCA, you are contributing to the uniting of the agricultural community, and subsequently increasing the impact of the agricultural voice in the political world.

What makes SWCA different?

What makes the SWCA different is the collaboration of business, community and producer interests behind a common goal of promoting strong agricultural policy. This kind of coalition is rare and it makes an immediate and favorable impression on decision-makers who are seeking to do the will of their constituency.

How does the SWCA’s mission and vision deliver value?

Because of the diversity of its members, the SWCA focuses on big picture issues that are of value to the entire membership (consistent with the mission statement). Generally, members of the SWCA will also a part of another organization which has a more tailored lobbying function (lenders will be part of the ABA, ICBA or FCS; farm groups will be part of their national or regional commodity organization; etc.).

The SWCA should not in any way diminish the need or role of these other organizations, but should complement and enhance the work of these organizations as the members build relationships, broaden their perspectives and increase their understanding on issues.

Can an individual be a member of the SWCA?

The SWCA is to serve as an organization where businesses and other agricultural organizations (as opposed to individual producers) can come together. The SWCA does not seek to diminish the role or reputation – in fact we encourage participation in other grassroots organizations – of any other grassroots organization of any kind, but seeks only to act in the most effective way possible to further its unique mission.

Top reasons why your organization should support SWCA

  1. To support the vital agricultural industry for the area. 
  2. Trust and credibility of leadership.
  3. To be well informed on important issues impacting the region.
  4. For networking and business opportunities.

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